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A superhero in the making.

May 27, 2011

One of my fave things is giving a handmade gift. My poor/fortunate family and friends are my usual guinea pigs/lucky recipients. I know that not everyone gets excited when they get a home-made gift though, some people prefer things they can return to the store for beer money, or gift vouchers to fatten their wallets until they lose them. (heh heh, I’m not half-biased, eh?) But my younger sister J is one of my most enthusiastic supporters, and is constantly hinting for new creations to be sent her way. And when you know that someone appreciates your time and effort, it makes it such fun to make stuff for them. Her kids are just as enthusiastic, I guess too young to be suspect of a toy not clad in plastic clamshell packaging, so I plan on brainwashing them before Walmart does. Her yummy son, Oscar, is turning five next month, and he LOVES dressing up and running around like a lunatic. He also loves superheroes. So I decided to make him an “Oscar-man” cape for his birthday.

I started drawing up a pattern, but not having the little man with me (he lives in NJ) I wasn’t sure of the measurements. So I googled “kids superhero cape pattern” and found this great free download pattern designed by Ella from The Long Thread. (Thanks Ella, you saved me a bunch of work!) I got some burgundy and gold satin fabric, and also picked up an iron-on scull and crossbones for good measure. I used drafting trace to draw up the pattern based on Ella’s measurements. It was really quick and easy to follow.
Then a quick Oscarman logo design later I was set to get started. I traced the design in reverse onto Heat’nBond Lite, then ironed it onto my satin pieces. (As you can see I did have a bit of an arm-wrestling session with the gold thread on the zig-zagging, but I don’t think Oscarman will notice.)

I put the scull and crossbones on the reverse side for days when Oscarman is having an off-day.

After making the cape, I was on a roll so I made him some reversible Oscarman goggles too – because superheroes have to fly in disguise!

Then I appliqued a felt Oscarman logo onto a blank white Tshirt. Also Heat’NBon and I mostly machine-stitched it (because I was now starting to get impatient) but I blanket stitched the shield part with contrasting thread for a bit more character.

Here’s the whole outfit turned out. I suspect he may do more damage than saving with his new found powers, but hey, he’s only five.

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