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Quilt for Japan

July 1, 2011

As you may know there is a worldwide community project on the go to make quilts of victims of the tsunami in Japan. Here is my finished my Japan quilt and it’s ready to go. Here’s how it turned out:

Japan Flag quilt

As you can see I have a thing about the Japanese flag. Must be the big circle. I ❤ circles!!

My sweet friend, Krista, kindly quilted it for me with her walking foot since I didn’t have one. The back has the maple leaf on it, which I paper pieced. It’s a more accurate maple leaf shape than the usual half-sqare triangle maple leaf quilting design, but does require paper piecing. Since it’s Canada Day click here to give it a try for free. Don’t be scared of paper piecing if you haven’t done it before. This was my first attempt at it and it turned out OK. There were a few design glitches which I have since corrected. (These were just extra pieces that didn’t need to be there.) There are many tutorials online that teach you this process. I used Sonya from Artisania’s one, which you can find here. While you’re there check out the super cute patterns she designs. (Some are even free!) Sonya will also be published in Modern Blocks – a fab new book coming out in October 2011.

maple leaf paper piece pattern

Then I hand embroidered my label. I asked the lovely Shinobu at my favourite sushi restaurant, Hamaei Sushi, to translate for me. She printed the Japanese script out for me to trace. Good thing I got her to proof read when I was done as I had left out a line on one of the letters, so had to thread up again. Who knows what it might have read as otherwise. Thanks Shinobu!

Embroidered quilt label

When I showed this at the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild meeting a few people asked me what thread I had used to get such fine detail on the scripty writing. So here are the deets: I used Presencia Finca No.12. It comes in different thicknesses. The higher the number the finer the thread. It’s lovely to work with, although for stitches like Split Stitch it’s a bit too fine. The text on this label was all done with back stitch.

So time to package it up and head down to Fedex. I am shipping it with Krista’s lovely quilt and her friend Diane is also sending one. I hope whoever the recipient are that they love them, and that they provide the comfort and warmth that they were intended for.

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  1. July 1, 2011 4:16 pm

    What a great day to blog about your red and white quilt, Berene! I love this quilt and am completely blown away by the label. I’m sure it will be treasured by its Japanese recipient!


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