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Glow-in-the-dark ghosties!

October 31, 2011

Ghost Halloween craft project

This post is late – I know it. For my Ozzie readers Halloween is over and you are just waking up the day after – the sugar rush just petering out. For this I apologize, my friends. I had an emergency quilting bee for a friend who is not well (more on that later) and so my schedule is way off kilter. Just think of this as a super early Halloween craft for next year. You have 364 days to get supplies!

This craft project is cheap, quick and easy. Gotta love that, eh? If you are a small person, you will need some help with the Exacto knife part as cutting a slippery round ball can lead to loss of fingers – and as Halloween-ey as that sounds, it’s not part of this project!! If you are a big person, note that your fingers are valuable too. So don’t be too gung-ho with the knife.

Note that I used the cheapest, junkiest ping pong balls that I found at the dollar store. I think they are intended more as a kids toy, as I doubt they’d bounce much on a table tennis table. This is because they are not “real” and are make of thin softer plastic – which makes them easy to cut. which is the key here.


a) The Glow-in-the-dark Light sticks I got have a remove-able hanging part. If yours has too, then remove it to use it as a template. If not you can either use the stick itself or estimate the size of the diameter. Using a fine Sharpie or pencil draw around the template on the ping-pong ball to get a circle with a diameter slightly larger than the stick. My funny tip here is to put the ball between your knees to stop it rolling away, then hold the Light Stick with one hand and the pen with the other. Of course if you happen to have a helper with you then a third hand would be the way to go.

NOTE: Don’t bend the Light Stick until just before you want it to glow. They only last a few hours so you don’t want to waste your “glow” ahead of time.

b) Use your Exacto knife and carefully cut around the circle to make a nice hole in your ping pong ball. And watch out for those fingers!

c) On the opposite end of the hole cut a slit that is about the same width as the hanging device loop at the end of your Light Stick.

d) Slide your Light Stick into the hole in the ball and pop the hanging loop out the slit at the opposite side.


a) Fold your fabric in quarters and then into a pie slice as shown.  Draw an arc from the shortest cut edge of the fabric across to the other side.

b) Cut through all the layers of fabric along the arc you have drawn. Snip a small hole in the tip – just big enough to fit the hanging loop through.

c) Now place the ball and stick inside the fabric with the hanging loop popped through the small hole in the fabric.

d) Tie string around the head, under the ball.


a) Cut felt eyes and a mouth out of your felt. If you are making a few ghosties, make different facial expressions. Test them out on the ball head for size.

b) Glue the felt face pieces onto the head. Tie a string through the loop hole at the top for hanging.

That’s it, you’re done. Hang them up for a spooky Halloween. On the night you want to light them up, just bend the Light Stick to crack the inner tube and shake your ghost a little.  Within seconds your ghost will be glowing.

Happy Halloween!

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