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Tattoo Quilt: HOPE & COURAGE

July 4, 2017

Catching up on blog posting about my tattoo quilt project. Here are two more blocks in the series.

First up: HOPE

Because Heaven knows we all need to have hope right now! I chose swallows for the graphic as swallows symbolized hope to sailors out at sea. When they saw swallows they knew they were close to land and safety.  This HOPE tattoo pattern goes out to all those displaced by war and politics around the world. Migrants, refugees, minorities and those that just no longer feel safe, comfortable or welcome in the places or communities that were once home to them. May they find their “swallows” of hope, and land somewhere safely with their families.


The purpose of this project was initially for myself to process my range of emotions about what’s going on in the world at the moment, through creativity. And now that the patterns are starting to roll out I invite anyone who is feeling the same to join me in making themselves either a block to two, or if you’re a keener, then the whole quilt which is evolving as we go along. I have kept the prices low for now to try and make it an affordable project. (If these patterns weren’t such a lot of work, I’d make them free.)

HOPE tattoo pattern is available here in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

You can see more maker’s versions of this pattern on Instagram: #HOPEtattoopattern

Next up… COURAGE!


The breastplate is a symbol of courage, and so I incorporated a women’s medieval breastplate into my COURAGE block. There is lots to fight for right now. We need to stand tall and feel strong to confront what we feel are wrongs. For this we need courage.

Interestingly the word COURAGE contains the word RAGE. I’d never thought about this until I started piecing it. It seems pretty apt though as it is often our inner rage that fuels courage.



So let’s summons our inner rage to give us the courage we need to peacefully and intelligently confront those bullies promoting hatred and prejudice with fear for their political and personal gains. Together we are stronger, and even though confrontation is uncomfortable, when we promote LOVE we are a better human race.

COURAGE tattoo pattern is available here in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

You can see more maker’s versions of this pattern on Instagram: #COURAGEtattoopattern

This block pattern would also make a beautiful centre for a breast cancer quilt.

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