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Tattoo Quilt: GRACE & FURY

July 31, 2017

It seems apt that these two designs be in the same post, as they are both important options when handling challenges in life. Ideally we’d always be calm and face adversity with GRACE, not allowing our emotions to take charge when confronted. However not every situation allows for this, and it doesn’t always enable us to look out for ourselves. Sometimes when when people are behaving unacceptably, unjustly or just being nasty, and they’re not taking accountability for it we need a bit of FURY to confront the situation. It is a motivator that makes us get stuff done, resolve issues and fight what we feel are wrongs in life. I think FURY gets a bad rap. It is a most valuable tool that enables us to look out for both ourselves and for others.

Here are the two blocks I designed as part of my tattoo quilt series, along with the reasoning I posted on Instagram:

GRACE tattoo pattern:


GRACE is a trait that requires a special kind of inner strength & emotional discipline. Especially when faced with prejudice, disrespect or unkindness. It’s so much easier to resort to anger and revenge, than to respond with dignity and grace. There are a few people in this world that exemplify grace in this way to me. Michelle Obama being one of them. Standing tall with her head held high, she appears to glide through adversity with a peaceful confidence, leaving a figurative trail of flowers behind her. She sets the perfect example of taking the high road for us all to follow. Thank you Mrs.Obama for inspiring myself and others to be better human beings. This Grace Tattoo block is dedicated to you.

This pattern is available in my shops here:

GRACE tattoo pattern – Etsy

GRACE tattoo pattern – Craftsy.

FURY tattoo pattern:


Some people are scared of FURY, and think of it as negative. And of course, at times this is valid. However FURY is an essential emotion – it is FURY that puts fire in our hearts when we feel a sense of injustice. And it’s FURY that, when channelled positively, makes us step out of complacency and calls us into action to right that injustice. Heavy stuff, I know. But nevertheless I felt it had an important place in this #tattooquilt series. it brings out the fight in us. It makes us stand up for what is right. And that is a good thing!! Let’s embrace our inner FURY. Let’s use it positively to get to work. There is lots to be done!

I dedicate this block to Gillian, who taught me to embrace my inner beast!

This pattern is available in my shops here:

FURY tattoo pattern – Etsy

FURY tattoo pattern – Craftsy

To finish off here is another version of GRACE pieced by one of my amazing pattern testers, Jackie Costabile. Just love her version with the white swan against the pink. Thanks Jackie and my other wonderful tattoo testers for your enthusiasm and generosity with your time in helping me perfect these patterns.



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