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Lynn Valley LOVE banners

May 11, 2021

Hello quilty friends!

Thank you for joining me again. It’s been a little while since we made LOVE banners together, and these ones are for something close to my heart. On March 27 there was a tragic attack that occurred at the Lynn Valley Library in North Vancouver, BC, on March 27, 2021. A young woman lost her life, and six others (5 of them woman) were injured, some with long term injuries. I’ve done a number of projects for other communities over the years. This one is personal to me though as it took place a mile and a half from my home. These are my people.

The goal of the Lynn Valley LOVE Project is to bring healing and love into the space where this awful event occurred, and I am asking you to help me achieve this.

There will be two ways to participate:

1. GIANT X-STITCH: community engaged art project:

Designed for the general community / anyone wishing to participate. Skill level: Easy (no previous sewing experience needed. Video tutorial provided) See all the details of this option here.


This will be a collection of banners with messages of LOVE and HOPE, that will be hung in the stairwell of the Lynn Valley library. It’s a 3-storey high space, with lots of beautiful light shining down into it, so a perfect spot for this inspirational installation. The banners will be made by members of the quilting community – both locally and afar.

This concept will be a similar to my previous projects: #ToBostonWithLove and #TorontoLoveProject however the dimensions will be 8″ wide with varied lengths from 8ft – 13ft. If you are a quilter and you or your guild would like to get involved, awesome! Please be sure to read through the project specs and requirements below.

What is required? I am asking guilds and individual quilters to get stitching and make us some double-sided banners, each customized with your interpretation of love, peace & hope. You could work on your own, or you could work with a friend and each make a side, and then stitch them together. The design is up to you: we encourage you to express your creativity in the design of your banner. Customize it with your interpretation of love, peace & hope. It can be a literal message or just a beautifully pieced banner that feels like love. (hearts, birds etc) The overall idea is to fill the space with beauty, comfort and love – like a big visual hug! 

To ensure the installation looks cohesive, we have a few guidelines below.


FINISHED SIZE: 8″ wide x varied lengths from about 8ft to 13 ft long. (Shorter ones above the stairs, longer ones to hang in the space that looks up from the ground level to the top floor.) Bear in mind that you will need to allow for the 7″ high pointed triangle at the bottom.

THEME: Love, Peace, Hope, North Vancouver, Hearts, Mountains, Trees (You choose the design)

STYLE: Modern

FABRIC: Solids only please. (No printed fabrics.)

COLORS: Bright, warm jewel tones: Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Violet, Magenta – you may use a lesser amount white, aqua, or lime for an accent if needed.


TECHNIQUE: Pieced, Hand-embroidered or Appliquéd. (No machine embroidery please)

Free Alphabet font pattern for banner makers: 

To make piecing messages easier I am offering banner makers the use of one of either Vintage Alphabet FPP pattern OR Skinny Alphabet pattern to anyone who is contributing. If you would like one of these sent to you please email me via my website here. You may also use any other alphabet that you may have on hand if you prefer or you may use Improv to make your message. Have fun with it!

DOUBLE-SIDED (if possible): Banners will be viewed from both side
You don’t have to piece the full length – you could piece a section of it and then add additional length with a section of colour. Of course if you are up for piecing 12 ft, that would be spectacular! So have some fun and just go for it!

WEIGHT: There will be a number of banners on each bunting and we have to take weight into account. We’d also like the banners to hang softly and not be stiff. For this reason please: No batting or interfacing between layers.
Also, if appliquéing your design on, please use lightweight materials for fusing.

NON-FABRIC MATERIALS: Please do not use fabric inks, puff fabric ink or the fabric pens that are not iron-able. These banners need to be washable and iron-able.

MESSAGES: Kindly refrain from using any religious, political or corporate messages, as well as any logos. Anything deemed negative in any way will be excluded.

Banners need to arrive at the Lynn Valley Library by: Wednesday, JULY 7, 2021.  

Tip: If you have guild members or friends that are making banners, ship them together to save $$$.

Please include a note with your name, IG handle (if you have one) & location. We’d also love to know the story about why you contributed if you wish to share. Post a pic on Instagram so we know to expect your banner. Tag it #LynnValleyLoveProject


North Vancouver District Public Library
1277 Lynn Valley Road
North Vancouver, BC
Canada, V7J 0A2

PLEASE WRITE: "Lynn Valley Love Project" on the back of the envelope.

If you are in Vancouver: You can drop these off at the Lynn Valley Library Main main desk.

Library hours: Tues / Wed / Thurs 10am – 8pm, Fri / Sat / Sun 10am – 5pm, Monday – closed.


SIZE: This tutorial is to make a 8″ wide x 8ft-13ft long banner with a 25″ long binding strip to be used as a tie.

Seam allowance is 1/4″.

FABRIC: see note on solids and colour palette above

STEP ONE: Design and stitch your banner designs x 2 sides

Piece a design that is 8 1/2″ wide (unfinished) x choice of length between 8ft and 13ft. You need two sides as both will be viewable.


Can be a literal message or image representing LOVE, PEACE & HOPE, or a beautifully pieced abstract design that feels uplifting and that you stitch love into. (eg: HST’s that scatter upwards) You are not restricted to English. If you are from or know North Vancouver, show us your love for this area and community, and what it means to you. Be creative and have some fun doing it.

This is an example from the Toronto Love Project made using the Skinny Alphabet pattern. These letters are 9″ high and about 2 1/2″ wide. You could enlarge the pattern to 200% to get nice big letters, or work with them as is.

NOTE: due to timing some of the images used here are from the Toronto Love Project, and the banners therefore look skinnier. The concept is the same though. Bear with me as I get all the logistics in place for both these installations. I will be updating this post with pics of a banner that is the correct size once I have gotten it made. Getting these projects off the ground requires an enormous amount of work up front. Thanks for your patience and understanding while I juggle all the details.

STEP TWO: Make the banner

Once you have made your two banner sides, place them right sides together.

Mark 7 1/2″ from the bottom end on left and right sides, as well as the center of the bottom edge. Cut from each side mark to the center mark to create a pointed tip.

Pin front and back sides of the banner together. Backstitch to start then stitch down one side. Do not stitch the top end closed. (This stays open for turning.)


Snip the bottom corners and turn the banner right side out. 

STEP THREE: Finishing touches on the banner

Press the banner, making sure that your seams are nice and crisp, not folded inward. Tip: Turn the steam on your iron off so that you don’t burn your fingers!


Top stitch down sides and along bottom close to the edge.

STEP FOUR: Make the tie with binding
Cut a strip 25″ x 1 1/4″

Fold binding strip in half widthways and press. Then fold in half again as shown. Press.

Mark the centre of this strip and the horizontal centre of the banner. Slide the banner in between the layers, matching centre points. Pin.


Topstitch along the tie edge making sure to catch both sides. Backstitch at start and finish.

NOTE: Please do not replace the one long piece of binding with two shorter strips attached to the corners. The reason being that the one long piece is stronger when many are tied together, and will not put stress on the corners where the ties are attached when pulled. Please follow the above instructions for one long piece of binding. Thanks!

That’s it! Pop that beauty into an envelope and get it to the Lynn Valley Library by July 7, 2021. (address above)

And THANK YOU so much for participating!! Stay tuned to my Instagram for updates of the installation in July. I will also send pics to guilds that participate as a group to make sure you all se the fruits of your labour.

Here is my first sample banner – this one is 13ft long so it will go on the right side of the stairs in the open area. I just drew up the letters for the big LOVE on the left and pieced them with traditional piecing. (I don’t have a pattern for this) The back side on the right has a few blocks from my new Asian LOVE pattern coming out soon. These were pieced by Lisa Remedios while testing the pattern. Each says “love” in a different language. The English “love” at the top I just made up – no pattern for that one. (Thanks to Krista Hennebury for helping me out with the banner assembly when I was in a pinch.)

Thank you also to the project partners. We have a brilliant band of team mates that are helping to pull these two installations off. I’m so grateful to them all for their skills. Much appreciated!

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  1. Carolyn permalink
    May 11, 2021 2:22 pm

    What a wonderful idea… thank you for leading this project and for your inspiration.

    • May 11, 2021 2:45 pm

      Thanks Carolyn! It’s a lovely space to be give. The chance to create in so I think it’ll be quite beautiful.


  1. HOW TO PARTICIPATE IN THE: – Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

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