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The Happy Sew Lucky Big Easter Hunt! *free download*

April 4, 2020

Wow, are these crazy times or what? Let’s start by sending you all a big virtual (virus free😉) hug. I hope that you are all doing a first class job of self-isolating yourselves – not just for you but especially for those who seniors or vulnerable. If you aren’t isolating PLEASE START RIGHT NOW!

Alright, let’s talk about how it feels to be trapped together in close quarters. Noisy, smelly, squishy, annoying, restless… I could go on, but let’s also think about the positives: Many people are getting stuff done that they have been putting off for years, spending more time with their families baking, crafting, gardening, walking in nature together. My husband made a plastic dome cover for our one raised bed so that my daughter and I could plant our veggie garden much earlier this year. It was our attempt at being more self-sustaining through the Corona months, however we have since had both snow and an insane hailstorm so fingers crossed my little peas and radishes that have sprouted will survive.


By now you are all likely feeling a little restless – I think we all are, but the scientists & experts say that we have a long way to go still, so we need to try to be calm, kind and patient. With Easter just a week away, it got me thinking about how this year will be different for sure, and sad for many that can’t come together to celebrate. But it is also a special time for families with many sweet rituals that we can still do, like decorating eggs, baking hot cross buns,  and best of all the Big Easter Hunt. My favourite easter tradition is the big hunt for treats in the garden. Every year my mum would forget where she hid them all so we’d usually find the odd shrivelled up egg months later when gardening. 😜 And one year we saw a squirrel grab an entire large chocolate bunny (you know the kind that each kid just gets one of!!) and run up a tree with it. My kids were devastated and I suspect that Mr.Squirrel didn’t feel very well after that!

In the interest of keeping kids entertained I have designed a little Battle Ships inspired Easter Egg hunt game. It is free to download here: HSL.BigEasterHunt

There are two versions:

A Junior Edition for the littlees:


And a more complex version for older kids:


Also a reminder about another free download Easter craft project that I designed many moons ago. A selection of paper decorations for your Easter morning eggs.

The free download can be found in my post from 2012 here:


Free craft project


Stay safe & healthy! Be kind to each other. ❤️


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