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Skinny Alphabet pattern

May 23, 2018

Hot off the press: #SkinnyAlphabetPattern (foundation paper piecing pattern) designed for the long skinny banners for Toronto LOVE project banners. The letters are 9″ high and 2.5″ wide. It has a Russian industrialist / Constructivist look to it. Caps only plus a heart icon. ❤️ At this stage it is only available and *FREE* to anyone participating in / making banners for #torontoloveproject. (Even if you have already made your banner without this pattern but would just like it as a little token of thanks! 😘)

📪 Leave me a message or, better yet,  DM me on Instagram with your email address if you’re a banner maker and would like the PDF emailed it to you.


It will be released soonish to everyone else. Leave a message if you’d like to be tagged when it’s listed in my shop.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 8.59.34 AM

Pieced by Stacey Murton (@hushrules /


Vintage Chevron Quilt: “Home sweet home.”

May 17, 2018

Three and a half years ago our family was moved to Toronto for my husband’s job. It was bitter sweet as he was promoted to a more senior position, however we loved our dear Vancouver and the community that we lived in. We didn’t know anyone in Toronto and none us us wanted to be here. It was a larger city, faster paced and it felt overwhelming. After a few weeks I realized that if I wanted it to feel like home I was going to have to make it so. I started making connections and looking for things that our family would enjoy in the city. I also started making a quilt, in part to keep myself happy, but also a quilt that would help make our new home feel like home.


Quilting by Stacey Murton. @hushrules

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May 10, 2018

TorontoLove.smlogoApril 23, 2018 was a sad day for Toronto. Shocking, scary and incredibly tragic. My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones, friends and colleagues. And also to those who were hurt either physically, or emotionally by what they witnessed. Healing is a long journey, and I wish them all much strength and perseverance.

In addition to those directly effected, the whole city is hurting. In fact much of Canada is hurting. April was a rough month with this and Humboldt happening. We humans are one tribe at the end of the day, and we are affected by each others suffering.

With all this in mind, I have decided to start another community collaborative: “TORONTO LOVE PROJECT”, in the hope of providing a little hope and positivity in the midst of this tragic event. Maybe a show of unity at this time is what we need. Feeling a part of a bigger picture of peace and love helps make us feel more secure. I hope you will join me in making this happen as you did with “To Boston with Love”. Quilters around the world really pulled together when Amy and I put the call out for that project, and we received around 2,000 peace and love flags within just over a month. It was amazing! Better yet was people’s responses to the exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. For me it was a powerful lesson on how planting a seed for a small idea can lead to big things. So with that lesson in my pocket, here we go again… Read more…

Tattoo Quilt: GRACE & FURY

July 31, 2017

It seems apt that these two designs be in the same post, as they are both important options when handling challenges in life. Ideally we’d always be calm and face adversity with GRACE, not allowing our emotions to take charge when confronted. However not every situation allows for this, and it doesn’t always enable us to look out for ourselves. Sometimes when when people are behaving unacceptably, unjustly or just being nasty, and they’re not taking accountability for it we need a bit of FURY to confront the situation. It is a motivator that makes us get stuff done, resolve issues and fight what we feel are wrongs in life. I think FURY gets a bad rap. It is a most valuable tool that enables us to look out for both ourselves and for others.

Here are the two blocks I designed as part of my tattoo quilt series, along with the reasoning I posted on Instagram:

GRACE tattoo pattern:


GRACE is a trait that requires a special kind of inner strength & emotional discipline. Especially when faced with prejudice, disrespect or unkindness. It’s so much easier to resort to anger and revenge, than to respond with dignity and grace. There are a few people in this world that exemplify grace in this way to me. Michelle Obama being one of them. Standing tall with her head held high, she appears to glide through adversity with a peaceful confidence, leaving a figurative trail of flowers behind her. She sets the perfect example of taking the high road for us all to follow. Thank you Mrs.Obama for inspiring myself and others to be better human beings. This Grace Tattoo block is dedicated to you.

This pattern is available in my shops here:

GRACE tattoo pattern – Etsy

GRACE tattoo pattern – Craftsy.

FURY tattoo pattern:


Some people are scared of FURY, and think of it as negative. And of course, at times this is valid. However FURY is an essential emotion – it is FURY that puts fire in our hearts when we feel a sense of injustice. And it’s FURY that, when channelled positively, makes us step out of complacency and calls us into action to right that injustice. Heavy stuff, I know. But nevertheless I felt it had an important place in this #tattooquilt series. it brings out the fight in us. It makes us stand up for what is right. And that is a good thing!! Let’s embrace our inner FURY. Let’s use it positively to get to work. There is lots to be done!

I dedicate this block to Gillian, who taught me to embrace my inner beast!

This pattern is available in my shops here:

FURY tattoo pattern – Etsy

FURY tattoo pattern – Craftsy

To finish off here is another version of GRACE pieced by one of my amazing pattern testers, Jackie Costabile. Just love her version with the white swan against the pink. Thanks Jackie and my other wonderful tattoo testers for your enthusiasm and generosity with your time in helping me perfect these patterns.



Tattoo Quilt: HOPE & COURAGE

July 4, 2017

Catching up on blog posting about my tattoo quilt project. Here are two more blocks in the series.

First up: HOPE

Because Heaven knows we all need to have hope right now! I chose swallows for the graphic as swallows symbolized hope to sailors out at sea. When they saw swallows they knew they were close to land and safety.  This HOPE tattoo pattern goes out to all those displaced by war and politics around the world. Migrants, refugees, minorities and those that just no longer feel safe, comfortable or welcome in the places or communities that were once home to them. May they find their “swallows” of hope, and land somewhere safely with their families.


The purpose of this project was initially for myself to process my range of emotions about what’s going on in the world at the moment, through creativity. And now that the patterns are starting to roll out I invite anyone who is feeling the same to join me in making themselves either a block to two, or if you’re a keener, then the whole quilt which is evolving as we go along. I have kept the prices low for now to try and make it an affordable project. (If these patterns weren’t such a lot of work, I’d make them free.)

HOPE tattoo pattern is available here in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

You can see more maker’s versions of this pattern on Instagram: #HOPEtattoopattern

Next up… COURAGE!


The breastplate is a symbol of courage, and so I incorporated a women’s medieval breastplate into my COURAGE block. There is lots to fight for right now. We need to stand tall and feel strong to confront what we feel are wrongs. For this we need courage.

Interestingly the word COURAGE contains the word RAGE. I’d never thought about this until I started piecing it. It seems pretty apt though as it is often our inner rage that fuels courage.



So let’s summons our inner rage to give us the courage we need to peacefully and intelligently confront those bullies promoting hatred and prejudice with fear for their political and personal gains. Together we are stronger, and even though confrontation is uncomfortable, when we promote LOVE we are a better human race.

COURAGE tattoo pattern is available here in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

You can see more maker’s versions of this pattern on Instagram: #COURAGEtattoopattern

This block pattern would also make a beautiful centre for a breast cancer quilt.

Tattoo quilt: LOVE

April 22, 2017

LoveHeart1HSL“Sometimes it takes courage to love and be kind to someone different to you, not in your “tribe”, “other” than what you were taught is “normal” or “right”. The reality is human beings feel safer with those “like” them because we feel like it validates who we are. We need to own this to understand hate. But we also need to learn that we are actually stronger, not weaker, when we embrace that which is “other”, because as a group it provides us with diversified strengths. Validating who you are by surrounding yourself by others like you is a false sense of security. Allowing others to be strong around you builds everyone up as a group, which is way more powerful. So today my friends I challenge you to go out there and BE BRAVE, BE BOLD, reach out and BE KIND to someone that’s NOT in your tribe. ️ ”

This thought was from my Instagram post for this #LOVEHEARTtattoopattern. It was the spark that got me going on my Tattoo Quilt series.

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Pussy March Quilt

January 24, 2017


PUSSY MARCH QUILT BLOCK LOTTO (& flying geese tutorial)

Inspired by the Women’s March of January 21, and the Pussy Hat Project I came up with an idea for this month’s Toronto MQG block lotto: a Pussy March quilt! Diverse coloured pink triangles marching in the name of women’s rights, and in support of peace and love over hate and prejudice. My husband and I both marched the Toronto march in our hot pink pussy hats, and came home buzzing with motivation to keep the dialogue going. As protesters marched together, so too as a block lotto project, this quilt will represent many hands coming together to symbolize the same unity. And the flying geese block used for this quilt concept, has a symbolic history in helping uneducated slaves from the south find their way north via the underground railroad. (To read more on that see point #11 here.)

I thought I’d share the details of this quilt concept here on my blog in addition to the TMQG blog, in case some of my followers were inspired to make one for themselves. Let me know if you do. And tag your pics: #pussymarchquilt

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